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Deep Gully Goats Milk Soap - Hemp Shower bars
Deep Gully Goats Milk Soap
"Deep Gully Goats Milk Soaps are handmade at Deep Gully Farm and are  inspired by the tranquility and essence of
Deep Gully Farm."
"My focus is to produce a range of  body products.  Deep Gully Goats Milk Soap- handmade soap -  being my signature  range. Deep Gully Goats Milk Soap products will  utilise local  organic ingredients, promote natural skincare and create sustainability on the farm."
"Deep Gully Farm  - Mackay is home to an abundance of Australian native tree species, Australian native bees and assorted herbs which  I utilise to create  the oil infusions for various Deep Gully  Goats Milk Soaps."
The new generation of breeders on Deep Gully Farm
I hope you enjoy Deep Gully Goats Milk Soap handmade products as much as I enjoy creating them.
Deep Gully Farm Goat's Milk Soap - Handmade Soap Naturally